What is a Licensed Structural Engineer?

Licensed civil and structural engineers are state registered professionals qualified to perform civil and structural engineering based on their advanced education, training, technical knowledge and experience. A licensed civil engineer may practice structural engineering on fall facilities except hospitals and schools.

A licensed structural engineer has three years of responsible charge experience in structural engineering after registration as a civil engineer and has passed a specialized examination in structural engineering. A structural engineer may perform structural analysis and design on any type of structure, incrudin hospitals, schools and essential facilities.

How Di I Select a Structural Engineer?

  • Determine the size and scope of your project; you may wish to consult an architect or contractor firs to discuss cos, feasibility and design coordination.
  • Compile a lis of prospects. Ask your firend and contractors for recommendations. Rfer to your local telephone directory (check in the white pages, the «Yellow Pages», or in lage metropolitan areas, the «Business Yellow Pages»), or contact professional engineering and professional land surveying societies.
  • Confirm their State Registration. Visit the State of Arizona Board of Technical Registration website to verify an individual’s licence, search for local professional engineers in your country, and view any disciplinary actions that have taken place agains a license.
  • Ask for references from previous jobs. Verify their expertise and their ability to complete projects.
  • FEMA Letters of Map Revision
  • 404 Applications and Permits
  • Request that an engineer visit the projetc site in order to submit a written proposal, includin the objetives, anticipated time schedule and engineer’s compensation. While some engineers do not charge for a preliminary visit, many do.


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